Why Cloud Based Approach for Mobile Testing

In today’s extremely dynamic market conditions, where the number of organizations are increased and increasing their business and workforce on mobile, mobile applications become a mission critical applications. It is important to assure optimal performance and user experience regardless of the type of handset, operating system, location and network provider we use.

However due the lack of standardization, the growing number of devices, operating systems and versions, as well as the different screen sizes and resolutions, it is virtually impossible to maintain reasonable application quality.

Purpose of cloud based testing for mobile applications were to meet the needs of distributed organization. Where the enterprises controls the latest version of applications, operating systems, devices as per the need of latest smart phones and tablets.

An ideal testing platform for mobile enterprise applications should include:

  • Huge number of smart phones are easily accessible
  • Availability of Huge number of smart phones and Operating systems
  • Availability of such types of reports that can identify the areas of improvement.
  • Direct access to mobile handset and scenarios between the teams (globally distributed).
  • Perform application monitoring on real handset operating in a live mobile network.

Reason to have cloud based approach for mobile testing

Application & Performance monitoring on real mobile handset: Mobile cloud offers performance monitoring using real mobile handset across the networks and locations. By using this approach problems can be detected and fixed on time.

In today’s market everyday new devices, platforms & technologies introduced everyday so it become very difficult to keep up with the latest hand set and tablets, here handset clouds enables all these features.

Cloud-based automated testing enables enterprises to benefit from the use of agile development methodology within their mobile application lifecycle management (ALM) environments. Automated tests can be run on multiple devices and can easily scale to support intensive regression and functional testing, as required to support agile development. Automation is critical to support this type of incremental, test-driven development, which is characterized by frequent (nightly) builds and regression testing

Mobile clouds offers, testing on a private handset, which ensures that the handsets they require for testing are always available to support their ALM processes and schedules(No public sharing of handset among the resources)

And the best part of Mobile cloud is they offer 100% Saas approach, which ensures that users always have the access of latest versions of devices, platforms and operating systems. So guys, have a look.

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