Internet Marketing the Right Way

Are you having problems getting traffic to your website? Are you frustrated that you couldn’t sell even one product? If your answer is “YES”, Then you are in the right place.

There are Millions out there trying to become Millionaires. I am sure you are one among them. Internet Marketing is one of the proven methods were people have made fortunes starting from scratch. Google, Facebook, Yahoo and many more are the examples for it. Not to forget the others who have tried equally hard as the successful website owners but failed. What do you think is the difference between them? It could be luck, it could be their brains, it could be anything. But most Important difference was that the successful website owners did it the RIGHT way.


As described in Wikipedia: is the marketing of products or services over the Internet.

There are many ways of Internet Marketing:

* Article marketing
* Video Marketing
* Affiliate Marketing
* Digital marketing
* In-text advertising
* Lead scoring
* Media transparency
* Classified advertising
* Pay per click
* Social media optimization
* Web banner

and many types of marketing is being found out everyday to become successful.


There are few basic steps to do Internet Marketing Business:

I prefer doing the whole marketing THE RIGHT WAY & it is ISO style using a PDCA cycle.

* P – Plan
* D – Do
* C – Check
* A – Act

* Plan:

1. Research: Market research is a very crucial step as you will the product or service you want to market online. There are several free tools you can use to do this.
2. Keyword Research/SEO: When you have found the product to market, you need to do a keyword research. This will help you add the most searched keyword in your site, which will later help your site to be listed in search engines like google.

* Do:

1. Create a blog/website: To market any product online you should have a blog or a website. For a person starting with Zero Investment there are free blogs and website you can create.
2. Website Content: Creating a website with Good, Interesting content is very important. Try and make the website as interesting as possible. There are many ways to get information and content about your product.
3. Affiliate Marketing: Once you have a website you can become Affiliate to companies/websites that are selling products/niche/service related to your product.
4. Marketing YOUR Website: There are several methods to Market your website online. There are free as well as paid methods. You can use the once which is convenient for you.
5. Traffic : This is the most difficult part of Internet Marketing, where you have to attract traffic to your website. There are free and paid methods to do this.

* Check:

1. Analise your Website: You can never success until and unless you monitor your business. There is a beautiful free service provided by Google which you can use for this purpose.

* Act:

1. Act: Finally it is time to ACT. Depending on the analysis you make, you need to take steps to either improve your ways of Internet Marketing, reconsider about the product you have selected or completely change the product and do the whole process again.


When you are very sure that you want go ahead with Internet Marketing or atleast give it a TRY, the first step is to plan.

Planning involves 3 questions:

* What (What would be the product to market)
* Where (Where to sell the product)
* How (How to sell the product)

To get the answers to your first questions you need to do a MARKET RESEARCH.


You might be thinking that you are new to Internet Marketing and How are you supposed to do Market Research. I would Say, not to worry. Internet is like a gift for people like us. You will find so many resources online that will help you do a Market Research.

One very good tool for this purpose is MARKET SAMURAI:

Take a 30 day challenge where a 40 day free trail copy of Market Samurai will be given to you as complimentary. Will explain more about 30 day challenge in the next section.

Features of Market Samurai:

* Receive Accurate, Up-To-Date Data on Keyword Traffic
* Target Profitable Markets with Pin-Point Accuracy
* Uncover Previously-Undiscovered Niche Marketing Goldmines
* Perform In-Depth Analysis on Markets and Niches
* Discover the Specific Keywords Used by Your Customers
* Avoid the Time-Consuming “Grunt-Work” of Market Research
* Avoid Tyre-Kickers by Laser-Targeting “Buy” Keywords
* And Much, Much More

30 day challenge:

Before starting Internet Marketing I would recommend you to take a 30 day challenge Program. Every single aspect is explained very clearly.

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