The Top Mobile Applications for Home Buyers Today

Technology has conquered the way that consumers look for their needs. Home buyers are no different. With the advent of handheld gadgets – obtaining information and finding ideal homes became more efficient and as easy as click, tap, and swipe. And as 2014 nears its exit, the following mobile apps earned their spots in this list.

MLS Applications

Although realtors are once thought to benefit greatly from this type of real estate applications, home buyers have quickly learned that they too can benefit from using them. A lot of MLS applications started as websites. Then with the booming number of gadgets and the ever-increasing number of owners, they are developed into applications that can be ported into devices which run either the iOS, Android, or the Windows OS.

Applications such as these help home buyers find their ideal homes by providing information such as size, floor area, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, location, price, and amenities. Users can search by city, location, zip code, and even price range. Results are deemed reliable as they are generated from hundreds of MLS.

Mortgage Calculators

If you are a home buyer, there is a very high chance that you are looking into mortgage as a possible way to help you with the home purchase. These applications are very useful if you want to determine the price range of a house you can afford to buy. Likewise, they are also capable of calculating your possible monthly payments. This way, one can see how the payments can affect the budget. An additional feature which developers have included is the capability to see lender quotes and compare them with one another.

Location/GPS-based Applications

There are home buyers who primarily consider the community or the neighborhood in which they are going to buy a house. The presence of structures and other establishment near the eyed property is important to them. If you are like them, you will certainly benefit from location applications which utilize the technology of GPS. The application identify your location and show you nearby structures like restaurants, churches, schools, hospitals, lifestyle districts and more. Information about a structure may range from basic to complex. Users can perform search based on structure type. Directions and maps are also available. These mobile apps can help someone to be familiar with a location in which he/she is a total stranger.

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a repeat consumer, you’ll find the above mobile apps useful in making your path to your dream house or investment property easier. There are a lot of them under each type, and it is upon your judgment which one you are going to install on your device. Many of them are completely free of charge.

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