SEO and Social Media Marketing – An Overview of the Giants of Social Media

Social media marketing with Facebook

Setting up an account is simple on all social sites. Incorporate your website’s logo, provide lots of pictures and information about your website and what you offer. Leave nothing in the shadows. Remember there is importance placed on you connecting with users on a personal level. People value people. People value real things and can put more trust in things they value. That means do not only use logo’s or pictures of useless things. Add your photos. Let them understand there is a real person behind the page who cares about them, a person who shares their concerns. If a celebrity dies tweet/share an R.I.P, that shows concern. Update your network with new pictures. Pictures of you company, employees, employee of the month, people at work and so forth. Use keywords/phrase in reference to your site when you make mention of it or a particular part of it. If you’re lucky it might get a big hit on the first pages of search engines.

Social media marketing with Twitter

Setting up here is as easy as Facebook too. The importance is who you follow and who follows you. Those who follow you must be able to re-tweet your updates whenever they can and as often. The number of tweets you make are also important. Just make sure you do not write gibberish keeping everything interesting. Bear in mind as easy as followers can add you, with the same ease they can subtract you from their list.

Social media marketing with Google+1

Yes, indeed, get a lot of people to give you the vote and keep them coming back for more. Make sure you make you profile head strong. Become important, be important and stay important. Google loves authority and you have to earn it. Join people and comment your links to them. Watch who you include in your circle and provide incentives for people to give you the Plus.

Social media marketing and vice gripping

The importance of these three sites is placed on your content and your importance. Make sure you develop a vice-like grip within each community. Have many people join and vote for you. Keep them coming with fresh content and useful information. You are also advised to add/join other social/bookmarking sites such as Link-in, Stumble – Upon, Digg and so forth. They are also powerful sources. If possible, pay to advertise on these social sites, especially the top three. Spend a little to get more. That’s a marketing fact. Why do you think companies like Dove spend so much on commercials? It pays in the long run. You pay way less on these social media sites to advertise. Spread, spread, spread the news about who you are.

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